Developmental multi-volume magnetic puzzle

The development of logical thinking

The child must be in the correct sequence to lay down the details of the puzzle to eventually turned a sphere

Spatial imagination and studying magnetic fields

Favorite characters will help your child in a playful way to know the world of magnets and magnetic fields

The development of motor skills

During the game develops coordination of movements of fingers, hands and eyes


The possibility of using toys in collective games, the more children and p puzzles - the more fun to play!

Real childhood

Our toy allows children to distract from tablets and phones. We want that our children was a real childhood, with games, conducted not just staring at the monitors of contemporary art.

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Developmental multi-volume magnetic puzzle
How to play
Krushik outdoors

Play from 2 persons up to infinity. The more balls, the more interesting game. The child has one bird and one pig. Each pig hides egg. PIG - mounted on a wooden stand in random order. BIRD throws from a distance of 3-5 meters. The goal - to knock your bird pig so that it fell out of the egg. Egg climbs a winner. The winner is the one who will collect more eggs.

Krushik puzzle

Ball disassembled into 12 parts, the child task correctly collect a ball, to get the character of the famous game. Caution - The parts are assembled in sequence if one particular set incorrectly - the ball does not meet. If there are multiple balls - a child can make a multi-colored characters or try with a larger number of parts necessary to assemble a hero.

Krushik house

For home gatherings or when there is no more space in the building offer you a variety of games: Angry Birds Home. Nearly every wall lined up with the pig hidden in them eggs. Bird Ball rolling on the floor at a distance of 2-3 meters. Objective - clear pigs so that they dropped out of the egg. Gathered a large number of eggs - wins.

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